Meet Sandy and Tricia, two seasoned Austinites who know the city inside out. With over 15 years of marriage under their belts, they’ve discovered that not marrying their best friend is the secret sauce. Sandy, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, has called Austin home since 1995. Tricia, an Austin High and Southwest Texas State alum, adds her local flavor to the mix. Together, they host a local, relatable, and spontaneous show. Oh, and don’t forget “The Fuzz”—their teenage daughter. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you might remember Sandy from the legendary JB and Sandy Morning Show. Follow their adventures on Instagram: @thesandyshowofficial

Tesla's Safety and OnlyFans: A Finger-Slamming Episode

Sandy Hates a New Trend

Today on The Sandy Show: Sandy calls out a new trend that some men do and says its the latest segment of the "Wussification of America." Also, at what age do you stop being cool and more.

The Joys of Office Hooching

Listen to Sandy and Tricia on The Sandy Show podcast as they discuss hypothetical baby names, office shenanigans, and nostalgic tales from their childhood. Join them as they explore everything from ice cream truck antics to parenting quirks

The Joy of Canceled Plans and Pajamas

In this episode Sandy and Tricai dive into the joys of canceled plans, the quirks of personal hygiene, and unexpected moments of delight. From the relief of a canceled meeting to the debate on the right way to scrub your armpits, the conversation is filled with relatable humor and laughter. Sandy shares his inexplicable admiration for Anne Hathaway, while Tricia tries to understand the appeal. The duo also reminisces about childhood memories, like the infamous Mrs. Runkle, and the timeless humor of bathroom jokes. Whether it's finding money in a pocket or getting upgraded on a flight.

The Sandy Show July 09, 2020 - PM

Sandy asked Tricia what her childhood obsession was and he did NOT see this coming!  Tricia says thank you for not pooping in her bed.

The Sandy Show July 09, 2020 - AM

Sandy and Tricia reported earlier in the week that Kanye announced he will be running for president. Today Tricia told everyone about some of the ideas and plans Kanye has and all that can be said is that the lunatics are running the asylum!  Tom Hanks gets blunt about wearing masks and Rob Lowe gets blown off by Lowes.

The Sandy Show July 08, 2020 - PM

The Champion of Games winner has been decided. Who will wear the crown and accept the trophy?

The Sandy Show July 08, 2020 - AM

Listen to find out how Tricia would have a little fun with her patients if she were were an x-ray technician! Today Tricia asks Sandy some Rapid Fire questions and she accuses him of lying!

The Sandy Show July 07, 2020 - PM

The final game of "The Champion of Games" is tonight and you can watch it live.  We have a reputation of being the show with the hard hitting news, today it is a story of a rubber chicken and an airline pilot.  Here is a hint four our  "Mystery Movie" one of the starrs is hosting "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight.  Tricia tries to dig herself out of a massive hole in "Fact or Bullfact"

The Sandy Show July 07, 2020 - AM

Today on The Sandy Show, if we asked you to think of your childhood, then think of a circle whooping, would you know what that meant?  If you know, you know and it is hysterical.  Kanye said he would do it, and he has.  An epic movie was released 35 years ago this week.  Tricia was asked if she had any bad habits, her answer should not surprise.