30-Year-Old Diner Dies After Eating Raw Oysters In Texas Restaurant

Dozen Raw Oysters

Photo: Getty Images

A man in his 30s succumbed to a bacterial infection linked to the consumption of raw oysters in Galveston, prompting a thorough investigation by local health authorities. 

Dr. Philip Keiser, Galveston County's Local Health Authority, revealed that the man's preexisting health issues, including liver problems and immune system-suppressing medication, made him particularly vulnerable to an overwhelming Vibrio Vulnificus infection. 

The tragic sequence began when the man dined on multiple raw oysters at an undisclosed island restaurant on August 29. By Thursday, he had been hospitalized, ultimately passing away over the Labor Day weekend. 

While the victim's identity and the restaurant remain undisclosed, investigative efforts aim to pinpoint the bacteria's source. 

Health officials have visited the restaurant, retrieving oysters for analysis, hoping to isolate the pathogen within specific oyster lots. 

The extreme summer heat and unusually warm coastal waters are believed to have exacerbated the bacterium's presence. In response, the CDC issued a cautionary warning on September 1, advising against swimming in coastal waters with open wounds and advocating for prudence when consuming raw seafood. 

Symptoms of infection include nausea, vomiting and a rapidly spreading rash. Health authorities strongly encourage immediate medical attention for anyone experiencing such symptoms following raw seafood consumption or coastal water exposure.

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